This course will help you not only launch your business within 3 to 6 months, but give you every tool you need to scale it and be successful 

Why do you need The Entrepreneur Master's Lab?And why is now the greatest time ever to launch your business?
Regret is a terrible thing...
We've met so many people who have told us they wished they had followed their passion to help others by being a coach or consultant, but never did it. A wasted dream.
Going solo will only get you so far...
You could take 30 years to figure out what I've figured out. You could make all the mistakes I've made, endure all the hardships I've encountered. OR you can turn those 30 years into 6 weeks with me.
Businesses are down-sizing and the consulting/coaching business is booming...
It is far more cost effective for corporations to higher consultants, even at top dollar, than it is to hire employees. Those same corporations are investing in coaches to help their existing employees maximize their capacity. You're in the right place at the right time.
Learn the true secrets of success from someone who's been there...
I'll share with you the #1 one reason coaches and consultants fail. We'll spend a lot of time in this Lab setting you up for success.

About the instructor

CEO, Buzz Creator

Cindy Donaldson

Who I am….I’m a Buzz Creator Big Box Thinker and Story Teller.Marketing, Sales & Business Operations is my thing.Certified Insurance Geek. Public Speaker and Trainer.What I do….I help you define your story and then create a process for you to share that story to your ideal client. Closing deals quicker and increasing revenue.We start by digging deep into your company to ensure a great culture, aligned processes & procedures and a staff who is ready to take on growth. Next we create a business, marketing & sales plan that aligns with your short & long term revenue goals. Then….we tell your story, and increase your revenue.