Want to learn how to build your email list? You've come to the right place. We'll tell you what makes good email content, how to use Mailchimp, popups, landing pages, and how to connect it all to drive traffic back to your website.

Course Curriculum

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    Ramping up your Network Marketing with Email Marketing

    • Welcome!

    • Email Marketing 101

    • Using Mailchimp 101

    • Adding a Mailchimp pop up to your WordPress website

    • Using Mailchimp Landing Pages

About the instructor

CEO, Buzz Creator

Cindy Donaldson

Who I am….I’m a Buzz Creator Big Box Thinker and Story Teller.Marketing, Sales & Business Operations is my thing.Certified Insurance Geek. Public Speaker and Trainer.What I do….I help you define your story and then create a process for you to share that story to your ideal client. Closing deals quicker and increasing revenue.We start by digging deep into your company to ensure a great culture, aligned processes & procedures and a staff who is ready to take on growth. Next we create a business, marketing & sales plan that aligns with your short & long term revenue goals. Then….we tell your story, and increase your revenue.

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